Data analytics


As the business world continues to evolve it becomes increasingly vital to utilize web traffic information. At Data Disciples we believe information should be the foundation of all decisions. We leverage data and our knowledge of Google’s tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to bring you the proper information you need to make those decisions.

Unlock the potential of your online presence with Google Analytics

Our Data Engineering services range from writing custom scripts to interact with APIs to building out data pipelines using technologies like Google Big Query, R, Python, Google Apps Script, and Domo.

a photo of Google analytics UI
A graphic illustration of google tag manager.

Revolutionize your web management with Google Tag Manager

A tag management system helps manage the lifecycle of digital marketing tags (sometimes referred to as tracking pixels or web beacons), used to track activity on digital properties, such as websites and web applications. As tag management systems have grown in sophistication they've become powerful tools to manage the rich data coming from the interactions between a user, their browser and one or more digital property/s. This data can be fed to marketing and analytics tools. It can also be used to make dynamic changes to the website or application.

Transform your data into a strategic advantage with Amplitude Analytics

We provide the best-in-class Customer Relationship Management software to assist our clients in generating leads, measuring customer service performance, and developing marketing strategies that are tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Ensure your customers are receiving the best possible experience while increasing your customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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