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At Data Disciples, our mission is clear: to harness the power of data-driven strategies that not only optimize operations but also propel revenue growth.

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our process

a simple, Yet effective six-step process

1. discovery

Understand the client's business, challenges, goals, and the environment in which they operate. Review available documents, past reports, and data. Observe business operations firsthand if possible. Define the scope and boundaries of the consultancy engagement.

2. Analysis & Assessment

Dive deep into the data and insights gathered during the discovery phase to identify gaps, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities valuate current systems, processes, and structures.

3. Strategy Development

Develop a clear and actionable plan to address the challenges and opportunities identified. Conduct brainstorming sessions and workshops. Prioritize initiatives based on impact and feasibility. Develop short-term and long-term strategies. Set clear milestones, deliverables, and metrics for success.

4. Implementation Planning

Translate the strategy into a series of actionable steps and activities. Develop detailed project plans. Assign roles and responsibilities. Set timelines and deadlines. Identify necessary resources, including budget, manpower, and technology.

5. Execution & Monitoring

Put the plan into action and continuously monitor the progress Facilitate change management processes, if necessary. Provide training and capacity-building sessions for stakeholders. Regularly review progress against KPIs and milestones. Adjust strategies and actions as necessary based on ongoing feedback.

6. Reporting & Handoff

Evaluate the overall success of the consultancy engagement and ensure the client is equipped to continue without the direct involvement of the consultancy. Conduct a post-implementation review. Document lessons learned. Offer recommendations for continuous improvement. Ensure the client's team is fully trained and prepared to take over.

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hear what our amazing clients say

"Made marketing super easy for our team"

Data Disciples set up Google Analytics so Red Letter could track and attribute marketing activities to lead generation.

Sophie Moore
Director of Marketing

"Accomplished what two other vendors could not accomplish"

Data Disciples partnered with Senior Doc to build out a data architecture that would be the foundation for a multi-state expansion of the company.

Dr. John Geiss
CEO of Senior Doc

"The data Disciples Team are  real pro when it comes to Marketing analytics "

Data Disciples equipped the NACAC marketing team with the web analytics needed to show their stakeholders the results they generate from marketing efforts.

Dan Clark
Marketing Lead
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