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Updated: Feb 1

Welcome to the new era of Google's BI solutions. Google has announced the launch of Looker Studio.

-What changes can I expect to see?

This announcement of Looker Studio comes with a powerful combination of Looker's backend connectivity and Google Data Studio's interface.


  1. A brand new Looker API connection. This will allow for the automation and management of new assets for businesses.

  2. A Pro version of Looker Studio (Google Data Studio)! This enterprise version of Looker Studio will let companies use new features like collaborative tools and service-level agreements.

Key Features:

  1. Access to over 800 data connectors

  2. Functionality to share reports

  3. An easy drag-and-drop UI for all types of users

  4. A loaded reports library with access to a plethora of report templates

  5. Automated KPIs to inform your team

  6. Looker Studio is totally free with a paid Pro version

Here is a quick one-minute video on Looker Studio updates.

Looker Studio can help offer the best of both worlds, it allows its users to easily visualize their data in beautiful automated dashboards while maintaining the ability to offer data manipulations. Currently, Looker Studio offers over 5 types of joins, custom connections, filters, and more.

For more information see Google's Article.


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