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Data Engineering services range from writing custom scripts to interact with APIs to building out data pipelines using technologies like Google Big Query, R, Python, Google Apps Script, and Domo.



Google BigQuery is a powerful cloud-based analytics platform that enables users to run interactive queries on large datasets. It provides access to massive data stores and large-scale data processing on the Google Cloud Platform. BigQuery enables businesses to quickly analyze billions of records in real-time with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Supermetrics makes it easy to transfer data from one platform to another. With its automated reporting and data extraction capabilities, Supermetrics brings all the data sources you need into a single dashboard, harnessing the power to quickly and easily make data-driven decisions. We utilize its powerful features such as query scheduling and robust filtering capabilities to help you maximize your data, automate tedious processes, and save time while optimizing your performance across multiple platforms 


Domo allows you to easily design data pipelines to aggregate, transform and analyze data from multiple sources. Easily combine heterogeneous systems into a comprehensive platform that can be used for powerful analytics, report generation, and sharing of insights. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful visualizations, Domo makes it easy to quickly understand and interpret complex data sets.

we're about quality and trust

Data Disciples strives to provide the highest quality of service to clients. We utilize today’s latest tools to ensure that you receive the right service at the right time. We are straightforward about expectations. We do not promise what we cannot deliver, but we do deliver what we promise.

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