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Wet and Forget had noticed that there was a discrepancy in the data they were receiving from their analytics and they needed to get it looked at. They approached Data Disciples to do a full audit of their Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager attribution configurations, and to make any necessary changes to their attribution and acquisition setup. Data Disciples was also asked to configure and implement any custom tags or events that were required in order to track conversions from the seven different data sources that Wet and Forget was working with. 

The team at Data Disciples was tasked with reviewing the existing set up, and making any changes that were required to ensure that the data was accurate and up to date. This included reviewing any existing tags that were set up, and ensuring that they were configured correctly, as well as looking into any custom tags that needed to be implemented. They also had to look into any events that needed to be set up in order to properly track conversions across all of the different data sources. 

It was a complex task for the team at Data Disciples as they had to ensure that all of the different data sources were properly configured and integrated. This meant taking the time to review each source, and making sure that they were all set up correctly, and that any custom tags or events were properly implemented. 


Data Disciples was tasked with providing a comprehensive solution to a client's digital marketing needs. To achieve this, they decided to launch a full audit of the client's Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager. The audit was designed to identify any issues with the client's existing setup, as well as to identify any features that could be used to improve their digital marketing performance. 

The audit revealed several areas in which the client needed to improve their Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager. These included areas such as setting up custom dimensions, creating segments, and configuring custom filters. The audit also revealed that there were several features that needed to be implemented in order to get the most out of the client's digital marketing efforts. 

Once the audit was complete, Data Disciples was tasked with implementing the necessary changes to the client's existing tools. This included setting up custom dimensions, creating segments, and configuring custom filters. Additionally, Data Disciples also implemented several features such as event tracking, segmentation, and ecommerce tracking. 

Data Disciples provided ongoing support throughout the implementation process. This included regular check-ins, ongoing reporting, and advice on how to optimize the client's digital marketing efforts. 



The concrete results of completing the audit and implementation process were numerous. The client was able to gain a better understanding of their customer's journey, as well as to measure the success of their digital marketing efforts. They were also able to gain insight into which channels and campaigns were performing the best, allowing them to optimize their digital marketing campaigns and maximize their return on investment.

Additionally, by having access to real-time data, the client was able to make quick and informed decisions based on their customers' actions. As a result, the client's digital marketing performance improved significantly, leading to higher conversion rates, more sales, and greater customer engagement.

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