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Data Disciples is a privately-held, data & digital marketing agency. We offer digital marketing services in order to better create and optimize your online presence. 



Data Disciples is a privately-held, data analytics and marketing consulting firm founded by Thomas A. Pepperz and Logan Jerolds. Starting at humble origins in the southern Illinois region Data Disciples now serves clients worldwide. We focus on providing companies with comprehensive data insights and equipping them with the ability to make data-driven decisions. In addition to data analytics Data Disciples also offers services such as digital marketing, SEO, paid advertising, BI solutions, and much more.


thomas pepperz

After earning his Masters of Science in Data Science, Thomas served as a tokenomics advisor and Director of Marketing for a privacy-based blockchain startup before deciding to focus on the applications of data science for digital marketing. Since co-founding Data Disciples in 2018, Thomas and his team have gone on to work with brands such as Microsoft, Peet's Coffee, Megafood, Mondelez, Vista Equity Partners, and Viacom.


Logan Jerolds, Co-Founder and COO of Data Disciples, Google Analytics, Tag Manager expert, and paid media manager. Jerolds brings valuable analytics and paid ad insight to the team helping businesses develop marketing strategies that cater to their needs. After years of experience working with small businesses in the Carbondale, IL area Jerolds now helps service businesses all across the world.



More than 7 years of experience in multiple industries — gaining valuable, transferable skills in relationship building, strategic planning and project management. Strong track record of quickly learning and adapting in complex situations. Eager to leverage a diverse range of talents in a new and engaging professional setting. Committed to lifelong learning and personal development.


Dan's career started as an IT specialist, assisting small businesses and teaching them to use technology to solve problems. Dan now leverages his background as an IT specialist to assist organizations in improving business processes through the use of marcom technologies such as CRMs and marketing automation software. His work regularly spans technologies such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.


After studying International Marketing abroad in France and finishing his degree in Business Analytics at Southern Illinois University, Jackson is eager to apply his skills to help clients everywhere. Jackson has several years of experience working in the business environment, having previously worked for an international manufacturing company where he used data visualization and presentation to inform upper management’s decisions. He is highly proficient in using Python, R, SPSS, and Looker Studio, enabling him to deliver powerful performance insights through data analysis.


Josh's background in data management and manipulation have equiped him to eaasily overcome the difficult of data problems. After working to manage Amazon sales/distribution data Josh now assists the Data Disciples team in the area of data transformation,visualization, and insights.

Josh is certified in R Programming and Python as well as conversational in Japanese.




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