Data Disciples is a privately-held, data & digital marketing agency. We offer digital marketing services in order to better create and optimize your online presence. 

Our Story

Data Disciples is a privately-held, data & marketing analytics consulting firm founded by Thomas A. Pepperz and based in the southern Illinois region, servicing as far west as the St. Louis metropolitan area, as far north as Chicagoland, as far east as Bowling Green, Kentucky, and as far south as the Nashville, Tennessee metropolitan area. Data Disciples services both small businesses and large corporations, providing services such as business consulting, digital marketing,  operations automation, data visualization, dashboard development, social media mining, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ad-spend campaign optimization, data mining, email analytics, content marketing strategy development, website development, eCommerce analytics, time series analysis, machine learning, predictive analytics, and sales forecasting.

We love our clients and they love us

"Data Disciples did an incredible job of diving deeply into our marketing data and helping us find ways to improve our targeting and segmentation. We will be looking to work with the team on an agency-wide basis."

- Josh Goldburg, GiantPropeller

"Data Disciples employs amazing data scientists. Not only are they data experts, but they also have a vast knowledge of marketing strategy, presentations, seo, and innovation"

-Jeremy Born, CoinGenius

Thomas Pepperz

Thomas Pepperz, M.S., Co-Founder, and CEO of Data Disciples, experienced data scientist, the 2019 “Grammy’s Social Media Topic Selection & Data Analysis” publisher, and a top digital marketing consultant in the industry. With years of experience in interpreting business data and market analysis. Pepperz now assists companies in their venture of developing, scaling and visualizing their online presence.

Logan Jerolds, Co-Founder and COO of Data Disciples, Google Analytics, Tag Manager expert, and paid media manager. Jerolds brings valuable analytics and paid ad insight to the team helping businesses develop marketing strategies that cater to their needs. After years of experience working with small businesses in the Carbondale, IL area Jerolds now helps service businesses all across the world.

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